Let's build something 

worth talking about.

At Elif we’re building tools to evolve online maritime business effectively. We're looking for the best and brightest to join our team and develop products that are expected to be used by over 2,000,000 of people.

Why work with us

Elif offers a fast-paced environment that is perfect for people who work on maritime business domain. Efficiently solving challenges at massive scale is at the core of our engineering philosophy. We believe that every employee’s contributions are important to the success of the company, and give you the flexibility to pursue projects your own way. And at Elif, contributing back to the open source community is part of our DNA.

Open positions

  • Engineering

  • Full-stack Web Engineer

    Elif is hiring software engineers to work on Java web development, focusing on the user-facing features of smonster.net: a maritime content feed, real-time analytics, and payments for new signups and advertising.